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What Does a Community Association Do?

by Ellen Hollinton

A community association is a board of homeowners, property owners, or residents that help manage the responsibilities of the community. Volunteers can choose to run the community association or hire a community association management team. Some responsibilities of the association include managing administrative and financial matters and maintaining the common areas and facilities of the community. Here is more information about what a community association does:

Responsibilities of a Community Association

Whether volunteers run a community association themselves or utilize a community association management company, certain responsibilities are usually assigned to the association.

Maintenance and Repairs

One of the primary functions of a community association is to maintain and repair the common areas and facilities of the community. This can include landscaping, building repairs, pool maintenance, and more. These tasks can either be completed by community volunteers or by hired contractors. Regular maintenance can help to prevent more extensive and expensive repairs in the future. By addressing minor issues quickly, community associations can save their members money and help keep the community looking its best.

Financial Management

Community associations are responsible for managing the community’s finances. This includes collecting dues and assessments from members, managing budgets, paying bills, and maintaining financial records. By managing these resources effectively, community associations can make sure that the community is financially stable and able to fund necessary maintenance and repairs. Financial management also involves careful planning for the future. Anticipating future expenses, such as updating facilities or replacing aging infrastructure, allows the community association to plan and save accordingly.

Enforce Rules and Regulations

Most community associations have governing documents that outline rules and regulations that the community and its residents are expected to follow. This can include parking restrictions, architectural guidelines, and noise ordinances. Members sometimes disagree with specific rules, which can make enforcement a difficult task. Community associations should have clear, well-communicated rules to help avoid contention. Enforcing these regulations helps keep a well-maintained and peaceful community for all residents. 

Community Events and Activities

Community associations often organize events and activities for residents, such as holiday parties, outdoor concerts, or movie nights. The association can organize these events themselves or delegate an activity committee or group of volunteers. Community events help bring residents together and can help foster neighborly relationships. Community events can also be a valuable marketing tool, as they can help attract new residents. This helps the community grow and can create long-term sustainability for the community.

Communication and Dispute Management

Effective communication between the association and its residents can aid in the community’s success. Keeping residents informed and updated on any changes can help reduce frustration between the association and the homeowners. Communication should be timely, consistent, and clear to build trust and maintain strong relationships between the two parties. Associations can use newsletters, social media, email, and other communication channels to inform residents about community news and events. The association should try to handle any disputes in a timely manner to help residents feel that their concerns are being heard and addressed.

Advocate for the Community

Community associations can act as a liaison between residents and local government or other organizations. They may advocate on behalf of the community for things like better public transportation, improved street lighting, or other infrastructure improvements. Advocating for necessary changes can help improve resident relations and the community as a whole.

Community Association Management Takes Care of Your Community

Community associations work to provide a high quality of living for residents in shared communities. Associations can be self-managed or can use community association management. Most associations are responsible for the upkeep of their community, from maintenance and financial management to advocating for their community. Find a reliable community association management team today to start improving your community.

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