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How to Create a New Employee Training Strategy

by Business Bod

It might be a time-consuming event, but employee training is an integral part of running any company. With just one misstep, your company’s security and money are on the line.

But, while many companies know they should be training their employees, they don’t know how to go about it. Dig deep into the text below to learn how you can create a new employee training strategy.

Assess Your Needs

When creating a new employee training strategy, the first and most important step is to assess your needs. This assessment should consider all areas that may be affected by the new strategy. This includes the organizations:

  • mission and vision
  • resources
  • technology
  • processes
  • employee experience

After the assessment, it is important to determine the best methods for employee training. This could be through classroom-style training, online resources, or a combination of both.

Also, it is important to determine and set out the expectations for the training. This is in regard to the duration, quality, and types of activities included.

Keep Adult Learning Principles in Mind

Creating a new employee training strategy involves keeping adult learning principles in mind. Adult learners need the training to be relevant, applicable, and challenging. This gives them the necessary skills to put their knowledge into practice.

As an employer, consider providing hands-on training and opportunities to practice what is learned. Assign team projects and pair new employees with more experienced mentors for guidance.

Develop Learning Objectives

A learning objective is a short, precise statement that outlines what the employee will be able to do at the end of the training. This process should involve analyzing information about the training topics. Including the knowledge and skills required, tasks needed to complete, the context or environment of the training, and potential outcome measures.

Constructing learning objectives should be specific, measurable, and achievable. By emphasizing clear objectives, employers can improve the effectiveness of their training programs. This can also help the onboarding process of the employees.

Offer Support

Offering support to new employees is the cornerstone of any successful training strategy. At the onset, having a dedicated mentor or point person to answer questions and provide feedback is key.

Also, providing both formal and informal opportunities to learn and network with colleagues can be especially beneficial for the onboarding process. For instance, organizing a lunch or coffee to introduce the new hire to their team is an effective way of fostering collaboration and generating team unity.

Provide Regular Feedback

Create a new employee training strategy that focuses on providing regular feedback. Feedback should be provided regularly and at specific milestones throughout the training program. Provide feedback as soon as possible, but not too often so that the training can stay on track.

Set up meetings with each employee on a regular basis to discuss their progress and help them stay motivated. Ensure that feedback is specific, focused, and relevant to their learning objectives.

Learn More About New Employee Training Today

An effective new employee training strategy should include an orientation session discussion of objectives and expectations. As well as the assignment of a mentor and regular feedback.

Providing new employees with the resources they need to succeed will set them on a path toward success. Start your new employee training strategy today to ensure a smooth onboarding and successful training!

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