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GimKit, a game-based learning software deliberate by students for learning activities

by Business Bod

Knowing about GimKit:

GimKit is a quiz game show designed by high school students for learning activities. And this platform helps the students to engage with and interact with their learning activities. So GimKit founder’s name is Josh Feinsilber and he is part of a class project that developed a way to combine gamification. And intentional executive and critical thinking skills that could be applied to any discipline. So GimKit gamification is one of the most successful tactics for increasing appointments and mixing things up. And also aiding information holding for students. GimKit is fun and attractive because it is built on a game that takes approach and knowledge to win. But this platform appears to be a little difficult because it is quite simple. And this platform is a classroom that needs knowledge, collaboration, and strategy to win. 

How can we start with GimKit?

Firstly, we must know that GimKit is not free when you are up you get a free 14-day trial. So that is GimKit Pro which is an unlimited version of the software. But after fourteen days you don’t upgrade your account, you will be moved to the free version, It’s basic. So the basic version allows only 5 players which if you are not an educator is not enough. The pro version is great but it is not free totally which is the biggest fault for students. Because students want the free version and they want to earn money from this free platform. And the pro version is an unlimited version of the Futemax. Other side the basic version is free but only allows five players at a time. We do like about a fourteen-day trial if that is enough time for you. 

Creating an account: GimKit:

So the sign-up process is pretty straightforward and creating an account for GimKit needs some information. And all you have to do is enter in an email, password, and user name. So you will be driven to either select a student or educator when creating your account for the first time. After that, you will be able to select your country and then school based on the zip code. So you can also choose what grade level and subject through this is not important with the onboarding process. This is a simple account if you want to create an account for GimKit. So this platform only wants some basic information for the account because this is necessary for someone. Because without basic information no one can be able to recognize you or your account that who are this person. 

Can we share subscriptions with other teachers?

there is no inherent restriction to who can access your Pixwox account and what you can’t do is log in. So GimKit at the same time and host many games all at once. Instead, use a common email between the teaching staff and access this platform per teacher. So per class use the same log-in information. 

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