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Memorable Business Card

Creating a Memorable Business Card: Tips and Tricks

by Ellen Hollinton

Creating a Memorable Business Card! A business card helps establish credibility, conveys your professionalism, and encourages people to stay connected with you after the initial meeting. When creating business cards online, design items that stand out from the stack of cards potential customers receive daily. This helps create an easy way to remember you and your services. Here are tips for creating a memorable business card:

1. Include Your Information

A business card’s main objective is to tell people who you are, where you work, and how they can reach you. These are the three key elements to include and emphasize first over other information. Arrange this information in a hierarchical order to keep it neat and organized. Start with your name and job title, followed by the company’s name and website, contact number, and email address. Some people prefer social media links instead of a phone number and email, so consider adding your professional ones.

2. Personalize Your Business Card

When designing business cards online, adding personal touches and elements representing your business can give your card extra appeal. Include your company logo, colors, and patterns that match your branding. You can also include images that reflect your services, such as a computer for an IT technician or an artist’s brush for a graphic designer. 

3. Have a Creative Tagline

A tagline is a phrase that sums up your business in a few words. Using catchy, creative phrases can help potential customers remember your services. If you don’t know where to start, think about what makes your business different from the competition. Avoid any long, flowery descriptions that may be confusing or too wordy. The tagline should be succinct and memorable.

4. Use White Space

A common mistake business owners make is cramming too much information on their cards. If there’s no white space to help separate the elements, potential customers may be overwhelmed or turned off by your card. Use plenty of white space to create a visually pleasing business card. White space can help your contact information stand out and highlight key elements. Some business card recipients use white space to write down additional notes that help them remember the person or company they met, so remember to leave white space on your business cards.

5. Choose a Unique Shape

Standard business cards are usually rectangular. You can choose those for a traditional look or create unique cards by choosing a distinctive shape. Consider a round card with a hole in the middle for a donut business or one shaped like a house for a real estate agent. You can also create a card with rounded corners instead of sharp ones, hexagonal shapes, or cards with interesting folds. There are many possibilities, so feel free to get creative. Remember to stay within the standard sizes to allow your cards to fit in most standard cardholders or wallets.

6. Design Both Sides of the Card

Some people only print their information on one side and leave the other blank, but this can be a missed opportunity. Design both sides of the card to include more details about your business. The front side should still maintain key elements such as your name, job title, and contact information. The back can include a QR code that leads potential customers to your website, a short biography, or even a list of services. Using both sides gives you more space so that one side doesn’t become cluttered with information. 

7. Choose Professional Printing Services

Most cardstock options come in standard weights, so choose one that feels thicker and more durable. If you want something more luxurious, opt for heavier cardstock or one with a special coating such as silk or matte laminate. Work with a professional printer to produce high-quality cards. They have access to better printing equipment, materials, and finishing options that can make your cards look more professional and attractive.

Create Memorable Business Cards Online Today

Having business cards is a key step in branding your company. Go online and design cards that can make a lasting impression on anyone who receives them. With the right design, materials, and information, you can create memorable business cards that help potential customers remember you and your services.

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