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No Objection Certificate

What is a Certificate of No Objection Certificate, also known as a NOC?

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As the name implies, a no-objection letter is a document where the individual or legal entity signs a formal and explicit statement stating they have no objection to a process or activity and the consequences could impact the validity. It’s more or less like a waiver but is more often utilized for commercial reasons.

It’s not typically directed to one particular person, but it is addressed to “anyone in the case’, which is a broad declaration. The NOC is not required to be printed using stamp papers. However, it is advised to get it signed and notarized since a NOC is a document that a judge of law can use. And if it is witnessed and notarized, its authenticity is indisputable.

The NOC is a legal document that allows any person, firm, or bank to do or execute an action. Since it can be used in court to prove your innocence, a NOC can help you avoid any legal issues. Once issued, an NoC is valid for up to six months.

Let’s look at some typical situations in the conditions where a NOC may be utilized.

NOC for Registering A Company

It is standard, particularly for start-ups that start their businesses at their home. Suppose you’re launching your own business and would like to register your address as your residence. In that case, you must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the person under the name of whom the property is registered.

The person could be a relative or your landlord if you live in a rental. This practice is typical because the registered address is only sometimes the business address. It’s just a place to send correspondence. This arrangement makes it more simple to establish an enterprise as opposed to the alternative in which you’d need to obtain a place for establishing your business.

NOC for Immigration with Vehicle

When a person moves and brings their car to a new location for local travel. If you’re moving for a short time or specifically for a period shorter than three months, registering the vehicle is not required. However, if you’re moving for more than a year, the regional RTO should register the vehicle again. This requires obtaining a no-objection Certificate (NOC) from the RTO in the area where you registered the car. The NOC will declare that the vehicle does not have traffic violations or dues against it.

The applicant for NOC must visit the local RTO for submission of their No Objection Certificate application.

After applying, the report of the police is submitted to the RTO on the traffic violations or legal violations on the car.

If there are no outstanding issues, an approval receipt is issued, and a NOC is issued.

Documents to be provided together with your No Objection Certificate application are as below:

  • Registration certificate
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Permit certificate
  • PUC (Pollution under control) certificate

Address proof and identity proof of the vehicle’s owner is required. In addition, identity proof of the vehicle’s owner must be presented.

NOC for Banking Use

If a person is taking out a loan for personal reasons like a home loan or vehicle loan, and the loan’s dues were paid back in full, they must get a No Objection Certificate or NOC from the bank stating that the dues are paid and that the loan account has been therefore shut.

This can be used in place of an invoice or receipt for payment. A bank’s NOC is needed to complete the necessary formalities for closing a loan. The NOC issued for the home, or car loan is an official, legally binding document confirming that the applicant has paid all loan EMIs and any other outstanding loan charges.

NOC for Building Construction

When you begin a construction project to build a structure, you must get an official NOC from various agencies and government departments before starting the construction. High-rise buildings and high-rise apartments require a NOC by the department of fire too. Once the construction plan is approved and reviewed by the authority that sanctioned construction, the Chief Fire Officer issues the NOC.

NOC for road Tax Refund

The rules allow the applicant to request an exemption from the initial road tax paid to the vehicle registration. The deadline for applying for a refund differs by state. However, the process can begin after you have received the NOC and moved to a different state or federal territory. Only the first or the original owner of the vehicle is eligible to receive an amount of money back. Check the rules of your local RTO for more details on the refund process.

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