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What are the requirements for a Physiotherapist?

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We cannot deny that physiotherapy has given numerous incredible benefits to our 840 muscles: since 460 BC. Therefore, physiotherapists play a significant role in solving all our musculoskeletal problems with multiple exercises. So, to know the other wonders of physiotherapy in Dubai by Call Doctor, please scrutinize the following lines. 

Explore some health benefits of Physiotherapy 

Many believe that physiotherapy in Dubai only restores lost mobility, balance, and strength. Indeed, these are the benefits, but a person can also enjoy other health benefits. For instance, some of them are:

Pain Management

Individuals often deal with pain after a specific illness or accident. The role of physio here is to make the patients perform various exercises. So one can live independently.    

Elderly health problems 

Our seniors lose balance and become vulnerable to falls due to osteoarthritis. Hence, a physiotherapist helps the person do workouts such as hamstring stretch, hip Luxor stretch, bridging exercise, and wall squatting.

Stroke recovery

Stroke often leads to multiple neurological issues and can be prevented in various manners. Physiotherapy Dubai is one of them. For instance, movements can be wrist curls, wrist and hand stretches, shoulder openers, table towel slides, and many more.

Post-injury prevention

A post-surgery workout is always recommended regardless of the type of surgery you have gone through, which includes: modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation), joint mobilization, massage, and stretches. 

When should I see a Physiotherapist in Dubai?

Please consider the physiotherapist by Call Doctor if you come up with any following case.

 Unhealthy posture 

According to research, 70% of youngsters have postural issues. Due to this, they often complain about the neck, shoulder, and back pain. Thus, a trained physio is needed to align the head, neck, spine, and pelvis in a straight line. For example, movements can be:

  1. Taping techniques.
  2. Joint stretching.
  3. Mobility exercise. 

Injury prevention

Sometimes, pain is invisible after an injury, and people don’t go for physiotherapy in Dubai. This gesture is wrong. So, when anyone experiences any injury should see a physio to get a proper treatment plan. In addition, avoid doing any movement which has a risk of injury.

Neurological conditions

Neurological physiotherapy in Dubai deals with neurological conditions. Such as ataxia, mobility issues, brain injury, sclerosis, and stroke by performing specific exercises. Moreover, here physiotherapists not only solve mobility problems but also improve the quality of life through:

  • Better balance.
  • Increase stamina and strength.
  • Improved walking.  

Mobility Difficulty

Mobility problems make you inactive and badly affect the quality of your life also. Therefore, seeing a physiotherapist in Dubai who lets you perform some muscle-strengthening exercises is essential. 

For instance, the workout includes:

  • Therapeutic massage.
  • Band exercise. 
  • And manual therapy.

What to expect during the Physiotherapy session?

Everyone’s session is unique because everyone’s problem is different. However, there are a few activities in a physiotherapy Dubai session that are the same like:

  1. Before prescribing any treatment, your physiotherapist will review your medical history first.
  2. Then diagnose the problem.
  3. You will receive a treatment plan that includes: exercises and medicines (if required).
  4. Physiotherapists are experienced. They continuously polish their skill sets to make your body independent through workouts.
  5. The exercises will be customized: according to the patient’s goals and condition.
  6.  In-home sessions are given to patients who cannot leave their houses.

 Maximize your Physical Strength by Call Doctor

Call Doctor is Dubai-based, plus the best Physiotherapy Dubai provider. This medical agency lets your body enjoy the following exciting benefits from its team of professional physiotherapists.

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