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Suit Styles For Every Man

The Simple Guide To Suit Styles For Every Man

by Ellen Hollinton

Not every suit is created equally. Although wearing a suit is often thought of as a type of smart dress, some aspects of suits can make their wearers appear more or less formal. Here are stylish mens suit near me that you should know in this post.

What Exactly Is a Suit?

A suit is a staple of menswear that originated in Western countries but is now popular worldwide. A suit typically consists of a tailored, buttoned jacket and a matching pair of pants in the same material and color.

A suit can be part of a casual wear ensemble, the foundation for a business casual look, or a requirement for a formal event, depending on the material, the cut, and the color.

Types of Stylish suits for men, you should consider buying 

There are different types of men’s suits, each with its own unique designs and features. Some of the most common suits can be gotten from mens suits stores near me:

  • Single-Breasted Suit is the most common type of suit, featuring a jacket with a single row of buttons down the front. Most single-breasted suits are mostly corporate wear which consists of this suit paired with suit pants in a contrasting color or the same one. They can also be identified by their notch lapels. Every man’s wardrobe must include this suit.
  • A double-Breasted Suit is a form of suit that features a jacket with two rows of buttons on the front, with the outer row typically being decorative. The double-breasted are mostly semi-formal and casual types of suits for men. Depending on the occasion, the double-breasted suit can fit properly with suit pants, chinos as well as at times jeans as well. Check for the quality of the stitching, buttons, and lining at Mens suit stores
  • Three-Piece Suit includes a jacket, vest, and pants, and is considered the most formal form of men’s suit. It’s the perfect type of suit for events and special occasions at work.
  • Dinner Suit/Tuxedo is a dinner suit, also known as a tuxedo, the suit is a special occasion suit consisting of a black or midnight blue dinner jacket with just one button and matching trousers, worn with a bowtie. It is best to wear a tuxedo to events with a dress code that calls for black-tie attire. These modern suit types can be worn with or without a waistcoat, which is the unique characteristic that distinguishes them from conventional suits.
  • Blazer: A blazer is more formal than a sports jacket but less formal than a suit jacket, which must be worn with matching pants. It’s not necessary to wear a formal shirt with a blazer because you may also wear one with polo shirts or even T-shirts. Solid-color fabrics are the norm.
  • Sports Jacket: A sports jacket is a style of men’s outerwear that is distinguished by a less formal, yet still professional, design that doesn’t always go with pants. Mens sports jacket derive their moniker since they were initially worn during athletic events, such as hunting.
  • Morning Suit is a formal suit that is typically worn for daytime weddings and other formal events. The morning coat fits snugly to the contours of the body. In profile, the coat should make an S shape, cinching in at the waist and swooping out over your seat. The Suit should not go for plain black fabric and come with a notch lapel
  • Business Suit is a more semi-formal type of suit that is typically worn for business meetings and other professional events. The level of formality for a business suit is pretty high and it can be worn every day. Darker fabric colors, double-breasted jackets, formal shoes, subtle or no patterns, and professional office settings like law firms, board meetings, or banks are where you’ll most frequently see it. 
  • The seersucker suit is a lightweight, breathable suit that is perfect for summer. 
  • The linen suit is another lightweight, breathable suit that is perfect for summer.

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