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The Career Professional’s Guide To Following Up

by Business Bod

Are you having a hard time following up with your leads after the first point of contact? Did you know that after one follow-up call, 44% of salespeople give up?

Leads are wasted without a follow-up strategy. Follow-up is crucial for increasing the number of leads that convert into opportunities.

As a career professional, you should know that leads are hard to come by for individuals seeking employment. It’s even harder to come by for professionals selling the service.

If you want more of your leads to turn into paying opportunities, you need to master the art of following up. Keep reading to learn how you can up your follow-up game and get more leads to convert.

Use a Courteous and Professional Tone

This suggests maintaining respect when communicating with whoever you are in contact with, be it an employer or someone else. Make sure to be polite in your emails and use appropriate language. Refrain from using slang, curse words, and any other offensive language.

Use a friendly and confident approach while following up. Engaging with clients shows enthusiasm for the job and the next steps.

Be sure to ask if there is any further information that you can provide that would be beneficial for your candidacy. To ensure a successful follow-up and timely response, it is best to reach out to the hiring managers two to four weeks after the desired timeline has been established.

Never Be Too Pushy

Employers may find this tactic off-putting, and it could give the impression that you are desperate for the job. This can create a negative impression and hence, make an employer not want to consider hiring you.

Instead, you should be persistent and have a polite, courteous manner. This will show the employer your interest and commitment to the role and give a more pleasing impression. You can follow up with your employer with short emails and inquiries.

You should never be overbearing, especially in the job market, as employers are often faced with many applications. Using quality correspondence cards can show professionalism and the seriousness of one’s intentions.

By sending quality cards, the recipient is more likely to remember the sender and give added importance to inquiries. It is important to never become a nuisance that the employer must get rid of.

Sending Personalized Email

Sending an individualized message to the interviewer shows your commitment. Your email should include personalized touches such as thanking the interviewer by name, highlighting a specific conversation that resonated with you, and referencing the job title in the subject line. It’s important to keep the message concise and to the point.

You should avoid following up too often. As for the content, focus on providing value or emphasizing your enthusiasm for the role rather than asking for a job. This will prove your respect for the employer’s time.

Be Mindful in Following Up

Taking the time to follow up on an application or interview shows dedication and investment in the position and can be the difference between getting the job and being passed over. Even if it feels uncomfortable, don’t shy away from these critical steps – you won’t regret it. So, take control of your job search and start following up today!

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