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Retail Merchandising Tips for Small Businesses

by Business Bod

With all the news about the rise of eCommerce, you would think that retail shopping would be going away. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Reports show that the retail store market increased by 5% in 2022, with eCommerce sales slowing down. That means opening a retail storefront and seeing success is still possible.

Are you looking for retail merchandising tips that will help your products stand out? Read the guide below to learn how to best set up your merchandising for retail.

Optimize Your Floor Plan

Your store’s layout significantly impacts the shopping experience. If all you have is a bunch of rows with shelves next to each other, it’s hard to make a specific product stand out. If you instead create open spaces that highlight your best sellers, people will be more likely to visit those sections and buy popular products.

Consider what your goal is with your store and create a floor plan that meets those goals. Look at the popular floor plans of stores similar to yours to see how they handle the job.

Organize Related Products

Many people visit retail stores to find something specific. They want to find those products without running around the whole store to discover all their options.

Grouping products together makes this easier. Keep related products closer together to offer a more pleasant customer experience that allows people to find what they need quickly.

With all the news about the rise of eCommerce, you would think that retail shopping would be going away. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

But before we dive into the details, it’s worth noting that it’s best to supplement your offline retail efforts with a proper e-commerce website solution as well.

Engage Every Sense

Shopping isn’t just a visual experience. Everything from your music in the store to how your stands look impacts how a customer perceives your products.

Do everything possible to use these senses to your advantage. Research the type of music that works best in your industry and invest in custom fixture programs to create retail display stands that highlight your products.

Display Deals

One of the biggest ways to improve the customer buying journey and increase sales is to let people know what deals you have. People don’t want to go through hoops to find your sales. They want to see signs showing them where to save money.

Tell people what deals to expect as soon as they enter your store. Use those displays to direct people to the correct location.

Test Store Changes

No matter how much thought you put into creating your store’s layout and design, you won’t get things perfect the first time. There will likely be small changes you make that will result in more sales.

But you won’t know about those changes if you don’t try. Make small changes to your store after creating your initial layout to see how they perform. Continue doing this over time until you optimize your retail store as much as possible.

Take Retail Merchandising Seriously

It takes much more than throwing your products on a shelf to get great sales in the store. Everything from your product packaging to retail merchandising stands plays a role in convincing people to buy.

By now, you should have more information that will help you design retail merchandise stands that help your products shine. Put these tips into place today to see how much they increase your sales.

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