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Places in Canada To Include on Your Office Scavenger Hunt

by Ellen Hollinton

An office scavenger hunt provides an opportunity to create stronger bonds between your team members. Well-planned scavenger hunts can improve collaborations and forge team spirit. If you’re in Canada, Toronto, Ontario, and Quebec are a few provinces you can visit for scavenger hunts.

You don’t need to leave your headquarters to find the best team-building locations and activities. With mobile scavenging apps, you can organize searches wherever you are.

4 Places to Include in Your Office Scavenger Hunt in Canada

The best place to pursue a scavenger hunt depends on the type of hunt you plan. Some scavenger hunts include activities that require moving out of town. Others can be completed within local towns. You can organize an office scavenger hunt in any province, provided it features your desired locations. The goal is to integrate enough challenges, trivia, and riddles based on the goals you seek to achieve. 

Here are four places to include in your scavenger hunt:

1. Restaurants & Hotels

Restaurants and hotels can offer the perfect location for starting or ending your scavenger hunt since many hunts end in settings that encourage social interactions. A restaurant can be a great place for your team to recover after spending the last hour or so solving problems for the hunt. You can use online apps like Globorati to make your reservations. 

You can find restaurants in famous Canadian scavenger hunt locations, including Old Mill Toronto, Old Quebec, Montreal, and Vancouver. Choose a restaurant or hotel near other sites and checkpoints included in the scavenger hunt. 

2. Museums & Heritage Buildings 

Canada is home to famous museums like the Royal Ontario Museum and Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. Other popular museums include the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Canadian Museum of Nature, and the Canadian Museum of History. 

Museums offer a lot in terms of history, heritage, and culture. Each museum offers opportunities for trivia questions and unique challenges. Some museums are dedicated to culture, natural history, or art, so you can customize scavenger hunts to what the museum focuses on.

Ask the participants to take images of the museums and heritage buildings for evidence of task completion. Your team can enjoy the experience and learn new things about their country/province while participating in the scavenger hunt. 

3. Local Towns & Streets

The local streets can offer perfect checkpoints for scavenger hunts. You don’t need to travel to a different town or province to find a good location. Your closest street can provide landmarks and prominent features you can include in the scavenger hunt.

Local streets and towns are ideal when you have a short time to plan a scavenger hunt for your team. You can use familiar shops, roads, and street names for trivia, selfie evidence, checkpoints, and more.

The advantage of using local towns and streets is proximity and familiarity. Your team may already know the locations and checkpoints, which can make it easier for them to accomplish specific tasks.

You can also save more on travel and leverage local networks and relationships to find the best checkpoints or leave unique clues. Organizing local scavenger hunts can also involve promoting local businesses and restaurants. You can use the opportunity to improve brand awareness and reputation.

4. Parks, Beaches, and Shopping Centers 

Some of Canada’s wonderful beaches include Wasanga (Ontario), Sombrio (British Columbia), Grand (Manitoba), Magdalen Islands (Quebec), Parlee (New Brunswick), and more. You can also visit beautiful national parks like Gapesie (Quebec), Jasper (Alberta), Yoho (British Columbia), and Mont-Tremblant (Quebec). 

You can also find large shopping centers for your team to explore. You can include West Edmonton, Square One, Eaton Centre, and Yorkdale in your checkpoints. Parks, beaches, and shopping centers offer public checkpoints and can have prominent features your teams can capture for evidence. Many people tend to visit these locations, so you can feature interviews and social interactions during the scavenger hunt.

Organize Your Office Scavenger Hunt Today

Planning an office scavenger hunt is all about location, challenges, and time. The best solution is to work with a corporate team-building company specializing in office hunts in Canada. You can also utilize scavenger apps to determine challenges, checkpoints, and the best locations. Leading companies can help you plan a successful scavenger hunt within a few minutes.

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