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How to Choose a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency for Your Business

by Business Bod

Every year, U.S. businesses spend over $10 billion on pay-per-click advertising – and with good reason. PPC ads return $2 for every $1 spent.

If you’re planning to launch a PPC campaign, you’ve made an excellent decision. To run an effective campaign, however, it’s important to work with the professionals. Working with a pay-per-click advertising agency is a smart move, but ensure you’re hiring the right professionals.

Read on to learn how to choose the best PPC company.

1. Competence

Running an effective PPC ad campaign isn’t a layman’s task. There’s a lot that goes into creating search engine ads that convert, such as keyword research, landing page optimization, and audience targeting, that it’s hardly possible for a novice to get it right on the first try.

Hiring a PPC agency solves this problem, right?

Well, not quite. PPC agencies aren’t created equal. Some don’t have the necessary expertise to create campaigns that will deliver.

This is why it’s essential to evaluate a PPC agency’s competence before hiring them. How long have they been offering search engine marketing services? What’s their most successful campaign yet? Does the agency hold any PPC certifications or partnerships?

With an agency that has a proven record of running successful campaigns, you can rest assured that your campaign will go the same way.

2. Industry/Niche Familiarity

PPC advertising is available for every business. Whether you’re a medical practice or a coffee shop, you can run PPC ads.

However, while the principles of PPC advertising don’t change, your industry can affect how you approach your campaign. For example, some industries, such as pharmaceuticals, have advertising regulations that advertisers have to abide by.

As such, when hiring a PPC agency, consider industry familiarity. Ideally, you want an agency that specializes in running PPC ads for businesses in your industry. If you pick an agency that doesn’t specialize, at least ensure they have plenty of experience working with businesses like yours.

3. Your Budget

Outsourcing your PPC advertising will cost money, but how much you spend on service fees will depend on the agency you choose. The best, well-known agencies will charge higher fees, while little-known agencies will have lower fees.

Establishing a budget before starting your hunt for an agency enables you to focus on providers that are within your range.

That said, service cost shouldn’t be your determining factor. If an agency doesn’t tick both of the boxes above but falls within your budget, don’t go for it. It’s better to stretch your budget and work with an agency that will deliver than pay a mediocre agency to do a shoddy job.

Find a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency That Will Deliver

Hiring a pay-per-click advertising agency is a smart decision. However, there are so many digital advertising agencies out there that finding the best agency for your needs can be challenging. With this guide, though, you’re now in a better position to choose an agency that will deliver.

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