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Editing is Much Made Simpler by the iTop PDF Highlighter Tool

by Ellen Hollinton

Document versions in PDF format are now widely recognized on a worldwide scale. Books, pictures, and contracts are often utilized. While the style has made it simpler to read the material, it is highly challenging to modify the information you are interested in.

For instance, you could want to mark a passage for a group discussion or highlight a particular passage that speaks to your soul. What should I do right now? Today’s subject is PDF highlighters. So why pick up useful talent?

Why is it vital to highlight a PDF section and text?

The ability to highlight PDFs is essential for preserving the integrity of the text, whether the document is for business or study. Also, time will be saved.

Speedy browsing

Do you want the certain text to stand out more than others? By emphasizing certain passages or sentences, you may make the material stand out. The user may navigate the content much more quickly as a consequence. As a result, the responses are also written swiftly.

Future Reference

Moreover, PDF documents that have been highlighted are crucial for later reference. If you are a voracious reader or researcher, you should highlight texts and passages that may be used as references later. Journal, e-book, and magazine PDF formats may all be highlighted.

Creating an overview

Last but not least, highlighting a Document is crucial if you have to write a summary. You can easily build the gist with the right references if the content is annotated. It will stop extra stuff from being included that is not essential for the blurb.

How does iTop PDF highlight PDF?

It is much simpler to edit PDFs thanks to the robust program iTop PDF. You may annotate text, add signatures, and highlight content. Also, the program effectively merges and splits the papers.

Step 1: Download and set up iTop PDF.

Install iTop PDF on your computer by downloading it from the official website. If you are a new user, you may need to establish an account. Also, the person completes the sign-up process using an email.

Step 2: Upload a document.

To upload the PDF file, click Open PDF. The choice is shown on the welcome screen’s left side.

Step 3: Modify the document

When the file has successfully been uploaded, choose the Comment category from the taskbar.

Step 4: Highlight the PDF.

Choose the Highlight option. Customized highlighting options include color, transparency, and other forms. Moreover, you may use the keyboard shortcut Alt + 1 to instantly apply the PDF highlighter.

Step 1: Save the document.

After choosing the tool, drag the mouse cursor over the page to pick certain texts to be highlighted. the document is saved.

Using iTop PDF, how can I highlight certain parts in a Document?

You may also use the PDF Editor to highlight certain sections of the document.

As before, repeat Steps 1 and 2.

Choose the Comment tab. Then choose Area Highlight. The choice of hue and frequency is also available.

Use the mouse to left-click on the document section. Mark off the PDF pages you want to make more focused. Alt + 2 may also be used to accomplish the same task.

Download Ideal PDF highlighter is iTop PDF.

Both a trial and premium edition of iTop PDF is accessible. The user interface is quite helpful and suitable for new users. Download it now to your PC to edit and compress PDF online.

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