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Hair Loss

Are Full or Partial Wigs Better for Hair Loss?

by Business Bod

Are you looking for a way to conceal your hair loss? If so, you might have considered wearing a wig.

More than 80% of men and nearly 50% of women will experience some form of significant hair loss in their lifetime. While this experience can be daunting, it’s not something that you have to deal with alone.

Want to know whether full or partial wigs are better for you? If so, read on. We’ll walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Partial Wigs

Partial wigs, also known as hair toppers, are designed to cover a specific area of hair loss, such as the top or crown of the head. They are ideal for people with partial hair loss or thinning hair and offer a natural-looking solution that blends with the existing hair.


One of the advantages of partial wigs is that they are designed to blend with natural hair, providing a natural-looking appearance. They can be customized to match the person’s hair color, texture, and style.

They are also lighter in weight than full wigs, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods. Due to their smaller size, they are also less expensive than full wigs. Making them a more accessible option for people with partial hair loss.


Partial wigs only cover a specific area of the scalp, such as the top or crown of the head. They are not suitable for people with extensive hair loss or complete baldness.

This is where scalp micro-pigmentation treatment comes in. With this procedure and a partial wig, your head would look full of hair!

Partial wigs also require regular maintenance to ensure they look natural and stay attached to the hair. This can include washing, conditioning, and styling the wig, as well as taking care of the natural hair underneath.

Full Wigs

Full wigs cover the entire scalp and are ideal for people with extensive hair loss or complete baldness. They offer a more comprehensive solution that can transform a person’s appearance and boost their confidence.


Full wigs cover the entire scalp. They provide a comprehensive solution for people with extensive hair loss or complete baldness. Full wigs can also provide a protective barrier for the scalp and hair against environmental factors such as sun, wind, and pollution.

They also require minimal maintenance compared to partial wigs. They do not require frequent washing or styling, and they can be easily stored when not in use.


Full wigs are generally more expensive than partial wigs, especially if they are made from human hair. On the other hand, full wigs made from synthetic fibers can be sensitive to heat and can be damaged by high temperatures. This can limit the styling options and make them less versatile.

Full wigs can also sometimes cause discomfort or irritation to the scalp. This is especially true if they are not properly fitted or adjusted.

Get the Best Wig Today

For those experiencing hair loss, the decision between full or partial wigs is personal. We hope that this article was able to give you the pros and cons of each.

Investigate options to decide which wig is better for you. Get in touch with a hair care professional to discuss wigs in more detail.

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