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A Business Owner’s Guide to Shipping Fragile Items

by Business Bod

eCommerce continues to be a growing industry and experts expect a continuous rise.

But one of the biggest challenges you’ll have when sending your goods to your customers is protecting them. Shipping fragile items is a big challenge and if you even make a few mistakes, this can be damaging for your eCommerce business.

So what do you do? How do you ensure shipping protection for fragile items?

Here’s what to know about shipping fragile items:

Shipping Protection

The first thing to focus on is buying protective materials. You can read about foam packing protection as a start.

These protective materials should make up the bulk of a package. Make sure you pack a box with as many foam peanuts or bubble wrap as possible. Only then can you pack the goods.

Shipping Packages

Next, let’s look at the shipping packages you must consider for packing your items. You must never pack items in oversized boxes. Doing so will cause damage to fragile items even with protective materials.

You want to pack your items as tightly as possible. There should be little space for your items to move around.

You might even want to stick your item to the “walls” of your package. Consider using glue or double-sided tape to keep your item stuck to the package.

Best Practices

Make sure you follow our best practices to get the best experience when you need to ship fragile items.

You must first choose a shipping provider. Ask them about their guidelines so that you don’t get rejected. They’ll also let you know about the laws and guidelines for shipping certain items.

For example, you might want to send food. There’ll be laws on whether you need to check expiration dates etc. You might have to send your items in multiple packages.

You also need to look at the rates for shipping. In most cases, you want to send your items in a single package unless this isn’t possible. You’ll want to pay the lowest rate possible for shipping.

You need to make sure that your cost of shipping never exceeds what you’re charging your customer. However, make sure you don’t overcharge your customers either. The lower your shipping costs are, the more you’ll attract customers.

If your items do get damaged, you must offer a refund or exchange to your customers. Let them have peace of mind knowing that you’re not trying to squeeze money out of them in case of such an issue.

Follow These Rules for Shipping Fragile Items

Now you know the rules for shipping fragile items to carry out for your eCommerce business.

The first step is to protect your items. You have to use protective materials such as styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap. Make sure you never ship products in an oversized box.

You might even need to stick your items to the “walls” of your box. Follow our best practices so that you can have a great shipping experience. By following these steps, you’ll succeed with your eCommerce business.

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