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5 Office Space Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

by Business Bod

Did you know that most businesses, no matter the size, have a hard time using their office space effectively? Companies of all dimensions look for better ways to plan their office space in order to optimize their operations.

So if you’re planning to remodel or build a new office for your business, you have to avoid common planning mistakes.

Be sure to keep reading this article and learn about all the office space planning mistakes you shouldn’t make.

1. Overstocking Office Supplies

One common office space planning mistake is overstocking office supplies. This typically occurs when a company does not keep an accurate and up-to-date inventory of supplies.

Without an inventory, it can lead to overbuying of items which can overcrowd office space, create clutter, and waste resources. To prevent this, it is important to build and maintain an organized inventory system that tracks the quantity of each item.

This can be achieved through records, office supply checklists, and spreadsheets that document the supplies and look out for common trends. The inventory system should be continually monitored and updated.

2. Poor Furniture Layout and Ergonomics

If layout and furniture are not planned properly, it can lead to decreased productivity and higher stress levels in workers. To avoid this, employers should focus on creating, for example, a medical office design layout that maximizes efficiency and ergonomics.

Furniture pieces should be arranged to encourage collaboration while providing workers enough space to move around and get comfortable. Also, ergonomically designed furniture should be used to eliminate joint and back strain. This type of furniture should be specifically designed to support the employee’s individual needs.

3. Neglecting Office Decoration

Office decoration is more important than many people realize, as it can have a huge impact on employee morale and productivity. Taking the time to select decors that enhance the design of the office can go a long way in promoting focus and creativity.

This includes:

  • furniture
  • paint colors
  • accents

Employees should be encouraged to add personal touches to their workspaces to make sure each individual feels comfortable and engaged. Keeping plants, artwork, and adequate lighting is also important for creating an inviting atmosphere that people want to be in.

4. Poor Floor Planning

Poor floor planning can lead to a cramped and cluttered work environment, decreased employee morale, and inefficient use of space. To help avoid this mistake, carefully measure your types of office space and plan out the room according to different areas of use.

For example, designate specific areas for meeting rooms, eating and break areas, and individual workstations. This way, there will be ample space for movement and productivity without overcrowding.

5. Failing to Factor in Future Growth

Not leaving enough room for growth often leads to inefficient use of office space as well as a shortage of resources. This can be exacerbated in cases where organizations experience rapid growth in a short amount of time.

To avoid this mistake, organizations should factor in future growth when renting an office space and choose a location that offers plenty of expandability and the infrastructure to accommodate their current and anticipated future needs.

Avoid Office Space Planning Mistakes Now

Now that you have an understanding of common office space planning mistakes and how to avoid them, you can begin the process of designing an efficient office space.

When planning, keep in mind the mistakes mentioned above and focus on creating an organized, pleasant work environment. Don’t wait any longer. Start now and create your ideal office space.

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