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4 Tips for Building a B2B Marketing Strategy Framework That Gets Results

by Business Bod

The B2B market continues to grow, expected to be worth nearly $19 trillion by 2028. However, with this growth comes the need to be more precise with your B2B framework than ever in order to stay ahead of the competition and satisfy customer needs. So, what is the secret to a successful B2B marketing strategy framework?

When asked what is B2Bmarketing, what comes to mind? B2B marketing is essentially when your company is marketing its services or products to other organizations and businesses. It differs from B2C marketing, which focuses on marketing for the consumer.

In order to reach your target audience, follow these B2B marketing tips.

1. Analyze Your Market

Your B2B marketing strategy framework begins with determining your market. Knowing and understanding your target audience is essential before creating a B2B marketing strategy.

Then you can identify:

  • Your market potential
  • Your indirect and direct competition and help you highlight any niche opportunities or gaps in the market to pursue.

During this analysis, you should look at the competition, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and how they approach their B2B marketing. It can help inform your own marketing framework, help you set benchmarks, and inform strategies and tactics for success. Do not rely on one source of data; use a variety of research approaches to inform your market analysis.

Analyzing your market also helps determine your target audience. Your research can help you create a profile of your ideal consumer and their buying strategy. Knowing your target audience’s buying journey will help you target your marketing, using the most effective techniques to gain and retain customers.

2. Align Your B2B Marketing Strategy Team

Your sales and marketing team needs to be on board with the framework including the integration of sales productivity tools for it to be successfully applied to your business model. Start by assessing your company’s goals and talk to other departments to help gain more insight. Working alongside the rest of the sales and marketing team also ensures a more in-depth analysis, so the framework can be more precise and effective.

When you align with your marketing strategy team, you are more likely to create realistic and measurable goals. Success is more than sales; it is what also benefits the entire organization.

You can use the SMART framework to help with this, which stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

SMART goals help inform your framework, keeping strategy realistic but also with a challenge, forcing your business outside its comfort zone. Working with other departments to set OKR and goals helps ensure you do not overlook necessary processes or tasks. It helps maintain company morale and ensures your B2B marketing strategy helps your business thrive instead of negatively impacting other company areas.

3. Explore Marketing Channels

Your market analysis will help analyze the best marketing channels for your B2B marketing strategy. You want to use a mix of marketing channels- including ones your competitors use successfully and ones that offer potential.

For example, you should use champion tracking, which is said to be the next high-performing marketing channel. Champion tracking helps you stand out from the crowd in an increasingly saturated market where finding unique channels to pursue is more complex than ever. There are various ways to use champion tracking as part of your marketing strategy, which you can learn from the above link.

Other marketing channels to explore include:

Email marketing

40% of companies prefer using email newsletters over other marketing channels. However, you must be specific with how your B2B marketing will approach emailing clients. Otherwise, they can quickly become overwhelmed and disengage with your business.

Here are some tips for successful email marketing:

  • Create an engaging subject line
  • Limit call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Have responsive email designs
  • Segment emails

The subject line often encourages a potential customer to click on your email or delete it. Make it enticing so they are curious to learn more. But do not bombard your client with many CTAs; keep your email simple, so they are clear about what actions to take from the email.

Sending targeted emails to segments of your audience and ensuring emails are responsive are also essential steps to engage readers.

Website and Social Media

Your B2B marketing framework should also include digital marketing techniques such as your website and the use of social media platforms. Your website is where over 80% of buyers go before making a purchasing decision.

Ensure your website is responsive and consistent with your brand identity. Create valuable content buyers will want to engage with. The same tips apply to your social media presence to begin to create a reputable online presence.

Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns such as pay-per-click can also help your business. Be sure to incorporate these channels into your B2B marketing strategy framework, so any usage stays true to the brand and strategy. Otherwise, you will not be efficiently using your marketing budget.

4. Utilize Inbound and Outbound Strategies

Ensure your B2B marketing framework addresses both inbound and outbound strategies. Many companies focus on either outbound or inbound strategies, but they help each other.

Ensure you leverage both strategies as part of your framework, such as using paid campaigns to target specific audiences. This also helps raise brand awareness in general and distribute content that encourages people to learn more about your company.

The strategies that inform your framework will depend on your specific company’s needs. Following the other B2B marketing tips will help you leverage the right strategies for your business. Also, use key performance indicators (KPIs), case studies, and other evidence to help inform strategy use.

The Best B2B Marketing Strategy Framework

A company without a B2B marketing strategy framework is a company without a game plan. And no game plan equals poor strategy and loss, so take the time to invest in your B2B marketing.

A B2B marketing strategy is more essential than ever to stand out from competitors and ensure business success. Following these B2B marketing tips is a good place to start attracting, gaining, and retaining quality leads for your business.

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